Achieve Compliance & Privacy

With so many regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and FINRA to name a few, answering questions like where’s my data and where is it going has become more and more important. With NetGovern you'll achieve Compliance and Privacy conformable to applicable law.

There are simply too many locations (in the cloud, on premise, in legacy file servers), and too many ways to lose track of your sensitive data. Data compliance has become the number one challenge for most organizations. To accomplish this, organizations must know exactly where all their sensitive data resides, which is becoming increasingly-difficult thanks to the growing adoption of cloud technologies.

In order for individuals to keep control of their personal information, and for organizations to protect it from disclosure and third-party use, they have to know exactly where all sensitive content resides. With the adoption of cloud technologies, data repositories are multiplying and are no longer limited to on-premise servers and legacy file servers. Add the exponentially-increasing amount of data gathered by businesses, and you've got a data disaster.

Regardless of the obstacles, gaining visibility and control of your data is possible. To efficiently manage records, NetGovern Audit & Remediate provides a single pane view of all data repositories that analyzes content in-place for any sensitive information containing PII, PCI, and PHI.

As more and more data is created, iterations are easy using auditing workflows. Alerts when sensitive information is placed in unsecure locations ensures timely remediation and ensures that end users can quickly receive appropriate training.

All unsecure data repositories can be sanitized and exempt from personal information. Advanced search tools like natural language processing or number, pattern, and regex searches, displaying results within seconds, can efficiently comb through a sea of information. NetGovern Audit & Remediate delivers all that, as well as providing incremental 24/7 always-on search results. The full review workflow makes teamwork possible so audit administrators and reviewers can collaborate on searches and tag their work so anyone can pick up where they left off, and no critical content is left behind.

All data can be reviewed and searched in-place via a single pane of glass, no matter where it’s stored. This is made possible by NetGovern’s currently available File Connectors. Additional connectors are also being developed to help facilitate your organization’s compliance efforts. Through Live File Indexing and Live Email Indexing, the connectors continuously crawl your locations to provide live access to all data. Since information has different degrees of sensitivity, the audit administrator has the capability to manage access rights through the NetGovern portal and limit the visibility scope of reviewers accordingly.

Even with the most well-planned policies and efficient tools, sensitive data can still find its way into inappropriate locations. With NetGovern Audit & Remediate, alerts can be customized so you can be notified and quickly remediate any misdemeanor. In these occurrences, an actionable email is sent to the administrator for rapid validation and action. Actions can also be automated, while personal information can be moved to a quarantine as soon as detected, ensuring it is protected while waiting for remediation.

For compliance and security purposes, it is crucial for organizations to know what kind of sensitive information they store, where it is, how it’s used, and who has access to it. With its file classification capabilities, NetGovern Analyze identifies sensitive files so they can be secured proportionally to their value. Permission Reports identify who has access to those files, ensuring the privacy of the data. It’s also possible to examine what a specific user can access and how access rights were granted.

Investors need protection from misleading or incomplete information, and to ensure their wallet is competently managed. This is why SEC and FINRA require that financial firms maintain systems to supervise their members’ email communications. Supervisory review capabilities within NetGovern Audit & Remediate allow firms to randomly sample the information they share to detect suspect behavior. Full workflows, audit progress, and compliance reports are available for complete disclosure of an organization’s supervisory processes. Audits can be searched using keywords and natural language processing. Search results can be randomly selected to further validate audits, and guarantee that all processes can be verified by external auditors.

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