We're Email migration experts

We offer a variety of exactly fitting solutions for individual demands, no matter if you use IBM Notes, Groupwise, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or other systems. You'll profit from our experience gained in a myriad of Email migrations. We accompany your organisaton throughout the whole migration process.

Our comprehensive migration toolkit provides both policies and information of every migration step. This ensures nothing is left behind. Our migration approach ensures a complete data transfer and requires up to 50 percent less time and ressources than methods of our comptetitors. We're using a simple yet comprehensive and successful migration method, which covers the whole migration process. This includes Change Management, Project Management, migration toolkit, training, communication plans for end users and individually branded Outlook brochures.

We already executed many well planned and succesful migrations in various industries. Whether organisations were from Industry, Healthcare or Public Sector - we delivered exactly fitting solutions for ambitious migration projects. Over 2.5 Million transferred mailboxes underline the amount of experience we gained while migrating Email systems from GroupWise, Zimbra, Zarafa and especially IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus Notes). Competitor solutions particularly fail at Notes migrations, which led us to finishing a lot of already started Notes projects sucecssfully, which were already believed to fail completely.

In comparison with most client-based products of comptetitors, Netmail uses a server-based tool that does not rely on slow and error-prone MAPI-transmission. The Netmail Migrator for Notes will migrate by your needs any types of messages, attachments, native archives, Notes encrypted messages, address books, calendars, tasks, distribution lists, representation rights and much more. Through an intense analysis of your Notes system we're able to identify Notes archives on local computers and collect them right away, including decryption of Notes encrypted messages.

Overview of our Notes migration benefits

Foregoing analysis of your Notes environment regarding encryption, local archives, address books and reprensentation rights
Migration of Emails, appointments, tasks and contacts
Decryption of Notes encrypted messages
Implementing of a legal archiving solution to comply with applicable laws
Coexistence Manager for selective end user routing control between Notes and Exchange or Office 365
Fast data transfer
Server-based migration with the opportunity for offline-migration e.g. of slowly connected branch offices
Source system can be Notes version 8.0 or higher (for older versions, please contact us)
Target systems can be Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 - hosted Exchange systems, hybrid environments or Amazon Workmail
Migration by cutoff date or smooth migration i.e. by departments over a period of time
Automated collection of local Notes archives and address books
Migration of reprensentation rights
Automated user mapping between Notes and Active Directory
Automated end user communication by Email notifications and user survey

The Netmail migration solutions simplifies the complicated process of Exchange and Office 365 migrations. We migrate thousands of mailboxes, archive mailboxes, public folders (with user privileges), properties, Outlook profiles, rules and global address directories. Our automated process avoids data loss and reduces risk. It doesn't matter if you want to migrate from Exchange 2003 to version 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or Office 365, our migration toolkit is able to migrate and upgrade your Exchange environment no matter what.

We know that migrating Email systems - especially to the Cloud - can be a complicated issue. Costs can be skyrocketing, data can be lost. The benefit of the Netmail approach in a migration project is the preliminary archiving. By archiving data from an existing Exchange system to a centralized XML-archive, the risk of data loss is reduced and less time is needed when moving to a new platform. This spares ressources and lowers costs significantly.

The complete data stack will transferred into corresponding formats. When updating Exchange environments we'll move Emails, attachments, calendar entries, tasks and ressources. We are also able to collect PST files from user and network locations. These can be inserted into the new Exchange archive mailbox. As an alternative, you can make use of our affordable web-based Archiving system.

Microsoft Office 365 Email attachments are limited to 25 MB. If you need to send larger files, wer're able to store these files in a central storage cluster and just send out a https link. This saves an significant amount of storage capacity on your Email server.

Interested in upgrading Exchange? When upgrading your Exchange environment, it can be useful to not transfer legacy data. This would take more time and strains mailbox storage capacity. With NetGovern, you'll receive the option to archive your legacy data on site and let your end users access them anyway.

You'd like to migrate from Groupwise to Exchange or Office 365? Our GroupWise migration solution is the most simple and reliable migration toolkit on the market. We've developed a toolkit for a personal GroupWise archiving. We migrate Emails, tasks, notes, future and recurring calendar entries aswell as personal address books. The best thing about it is, there is no interruption for end users.

A migration reduces the risk of data loss by archving Emails and attachment beforehand. This means no time will be wasted to recover damaged Emails or mailboxes, which couldn't be migrated properly. By migrating with Netmail, you'll be able to collect personal GroupWise archives automatically and store them in an centralized archive.

We'll give you the flexibility to determine how much data will be migrated. This reduces costs significantly and less IT resources are required, thus increasing the server performance - everything without any impact on your end users.

You'd like to replace your current archiving solution? Our solution will help you create a comprehensive and compliant data stack from various legacy sources (including McAfee SaaS Archiving, MXLogic, EMC SourceOne, EMC EmailXtender, Mimosa NearPoint, GWAVA Retain, HP Autonomy, Zantas EAS, Symantec Enterprise Vault) and get in conformity with the law. We offer the right solution whether your archiving solution reached its end of life, you'll think about migrating to the Cloud or your archives are not in a secured format yet.

Most companies store all of their legacy data because their afraid of losing it. With NetGovern you don't have to worry. Old mail archives will be converted into XML. NetGovern Archive is a fully indexed, application- and format-independent archive solution. All of your data can be accessed and searched with NetGovern's eDiscovery and case management tools. We also take care of your compliance chain while migrating your old archives. We create several reports to ensure the complete adherence.

Interested in Cloud archiving?If you'd like to migrate into the Cloud, it's time to consolidate your legacy Email archives. We can pool your complete legacy data in one open XML repository and store it in archive mailboxes or Cloud archives of Office 365.

Most organisations are aware of the necessity to manage their PST files. Although you'll be confronted with a lot of challenges, like security and compliance risks, possible data loss and increasing storage costs. This is added up by the fact that most organisations simply don't know for sure where all of their PST files reside or how much data is in them. If PST files in your organisation are bothering you, you should contemplate to elimante them and migrate them to more cost efficient platforms with Netmail. By migrating with Netmail, you'll be able to collect PST files automatically, copy and transfer them into a centralized archive in NetGovern Archive.

Information Management Software

You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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