Archiving with Netmail Cloud

Email Archiving "as a Service" with Netmail Cloud provides archiving of Emails and attachments conformable to law and audit-proof. Our solution complies with EU-GDPR, German GOBD and separate archiving of private Emails after German Telecommunications Act.

Netmail facilitates your way to the Cloud and NetGovern Archive. Beginning with conception, we plan and structure the setup of your future Email archive. As experts for Email and data migration we'll transfer data from various data sources into the new archive system. When commissioning your setup, we will implement the planned concept of your archive and accompany you regarding every new aspect of your system. Furthermore you'll benefit from unlimited storage for your users in our German data centers. We'll then take care of your Cloud archive, keep it up to date and actively monitor every relevant system component to guarantee satisfaction - regular system health checks are rounding this up.

The obligation to archive Emails audit-proof emerges from German GoBD which applies since 1. January 2017. The German GoBD superseded the German GDPdU from 2001. Digital business documents have to be archived for six to ten years. Email archiving is also an important part in the EU-GDPR, which applies since 25. May 2018, to fulfil compliance requirements. Organisations are obliged to ensure order and transparency while working with personal data by setting up technical and organisational measures. An audit-proof Email archive provides the ability to detect privacy breaches and violations of compliance policies in correspondences.

Which business correspondence has to be archived?

The duty of preservation and storage by German GoBD applies to any digital business correspondence, for instance Quotations, bills of delivery, acknowledgements of orders or commercial letters. For tax-relevant data, it has to be ensured that these are archived tamper-proof. This data must not be alterable by users subsequently. In regards to GDPR all communication of employees should be archived to comply with data governance policies.

Why is private Email communication an issue?

The usual recommendation regarding private Email communication in organisations is to ban it, but if employees use Emailing privately anyway, and these Emails are getting archived, the organisation violates applicable law. NetGovern Archive provides the automated exclusion of private Emails, which most comptetitor solutions cannot realise.

What happens to Emails of applicants?

The privacy requirements of GDPR oblige organisations to delete applicant papers after a set amount of time. Usually the retention period for application documents is six months. Thus it is needed to create processes to prevent archiving of application documents and also delete them after the retention period. NetGovern Archive provides rule-based methods explicitly for these kind of use cases.

An audit-proof Email archiving solution protects data from tampering by users, for instance by deleting Emails. NetGovern Archive provdes solutions to archive Emails audit- and tamper-proof. The legal basis is the German GoBD Act. Therefore retention periods have to be obeyed and data has to be stored in its original state, captive, unalterable, always complete and available and has to be evaluated electronically. That is why archiving with Microsoft Outlook is not audit-proof, because Emails can be deleted or changed previously to the archiving process. With archiving into the Netmail Cloud and NetGovern Archive, your archive will be audit-proof and compliant to applicable law.

Our certified data centers in Idstein and Frankfurt am Main provide a solid base for your Cloud archive. As German company we're able to provide full IT-Compliance. We're not only certified as an organisation, we attach great importance in certifying our staff too who are continually educated further. The high quality of our solutions and services is based on our efforts as a team.

With our data protection compliant Email archiving after EU-GDPR and German GoBD, you'll be compliant to applicable law - also in regards to private communication in your organisation. Benefit of audit-proof Cloud archiving with longtime retention for 10 years. Archiving Emails into the Netmail Cloud reduces infrastructure costs significantly. Additional functions like managing attachments intelligently with our Detach technology will decrease load on your Email server previous to the archiving process. Transparent monthly costs through flexible bookable licenses and unlimited storage space for all mailboxes provide full cost control. Furthermore we can provide you with archive access and an efficient eDiscovery toolkit to access and search archived Emails from anywhere and on any device.

Netmail Vorteil

Audit-proof and lawful Email archiving "as a Service" into the Netmail Cloud, hosted in high available data centers in central Germany.

Netmail Vorteil

Netmail offers maximum security through individual permissions, which prevent unauthorized data access while retention is active.

Netmail Vorteil

Cloud archiving with Netmail provides unlimited storage space for your mailboxes and protects our customers from soaring costs.

Netmail Vorteil

Your end users get quick and uncomplicated access to their personal Cloud archive via Outlook plugin, mobile app or through our web based portal.

Netmail Vorteil

Secure Email communication with anti virus and anti spam inbound filters, aswell as policy driven content filters to secure sensitive data.

Netmail Vorteil

Flexible application with Exchange, Office 365 and other Email system like Amazon Workmail or the Business Connect Services Platform of T-Systems.

Netmail Vorteil

Email retention periods can be configured individually to obey data privacy requirements of EU-GDPR, German GoBD Act and others.

Netmail Vorteil

Netmail offers various data export options and a comprehensive toolkit to conduct eDiscovery requests and audits with integrated case management.

Netmail Vorteil

You'll be able to use S-MIME encryption for Emails without the need for user interaction, as encryption happens on the gateway.

Netmail Vorteil

Netmail Cloud archiving with Detach decreases load on your Email server and reduces storage costs significantly without changes for end users.

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You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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