NetGovern Enforce

NetGovern Enforce automates Information Management tasks, e.g. complying to organisational and legal policies, optimizing storage environments, recovering and backing up of data.

Organizations are constantly changing. New hires, staff moving from one department to another, changes to regulations can make it very difficult to see who has access to what file, and to provide appropriate file access. To protect sensitive data, users with varying roles and responsibilities should all have different levels of access rights.

With NetGovern Enforce, organizations can automatically enforce policies and offload the role IT plays in everything from manually managing storage, to information lifecycle management, to protecting and recovering files, or to complying with rules and regulations. By automating file server management with NetGovern Enforce, organizations can ensure tasks will always be performed on time, even if there’s a bigger fire burning elsewhere. With NetGovern Enforce, organizations benefit by decreasing the risk of noncompliance and increasing productivity while at the same time reducing data management and storage costs.

We put all important aspects of NetGovern Enforce into one comprehensive Datasheet. Download it now and learn more about File Management with NetGovern Enforce.

NetGovern Enforce
Information Management Software

You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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