NetGovern Encrypt

NetGovern Encrypt provides users with a transparent encryption process to secure the daily Email traffic and is also fully applicable to external users through the Encrypt portal.

Today’s technologies and threat landscape are evolving at a pace that can leave skilled IT security experts breathless. Given the critical nature of email, which is increasingly hosted in the cloud, it is clear that a comprehensive information governance strategy is required to keep an organization’s information protected, in transit and at rest. Since threats typically involve internal actors, either negligent or malicious, and external actors wielding malware or phishing attacks, IT teams need tools that offer visibility and control into outbound and inbound email traffic in order to avoid breaches and regulatory sanctions.

NetGovern Secure, paired with NetGovern Encrypt, protect from data leaks and losses by preventing sensitive content from being sent or by automatically encrypting it for a safe transit. NetGovern Audit & Remediate safeguards from sophisticated phishing attacks that could lead to compromised accounts and leaked information. NetGovern Secure prevents spam, viruses, and graymail from reducing productivity. This quartet effectively contributes to preserving a company’s information, reputation, and profit margin across the live flow of email.

We put all important aspects of NetGovern Encrypt into one comprehensive Datasheet. Download it now and learn more about Advanced Security with NetGovern Encrypt.

NetGovern Encrypt
Information Management Software

You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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