NetGovern eDiscovery

NetGovern eDiscovery enables fast and resource-efficient handling of eDiscovery cases by connecting and indexing of several data sources both on cloud and on premise.

Quickly finding information is critical for productivity, litigation, and compliance. As a direct consequence of the exponentially-growing volume of data, and the multiplication of locations, eDiscovery is growing in importance and complexity. More resources have to be invested in eDiscovery as prices climb and millions of dollars can be spent before cases even go to trial.

Traditional eDiscovery is unnecessarily expensive because all potentially-relevant data needs to be copied and sent to be reviewed by an outside counsel, charging at an hourly rate or per megabyte. Apart from the risk of fines and sanctions due to missing, lost, or spoliated data, the true costs of eDiscovery such as the drain on corporate resources, lost productivity, and the expense of outsourcing it, can all directly influence an organization’s bottom line.

NetGovern eDiscovery, an advanced web-based eDiscovery tool, brings the eDiscovery process in-house to cut down on costs and enable superior investigations. Authorized reviewers can intelligently search unstructured data in-place across all repositories through a single pane of glass. An up-to-date index of all live data can be maintained so it can be searched and culled before collection. eDiscovery and early case assessment are accelerated, minimizing risks of litigation and reducing the time necessary to produce evidence.

We put all important aspects of NetGovern eDiscovery into one comprehensive Datasheet. Download it now and learn more about Compliance with NetGovern eDiscovery.

NetGovern eDiscovery
Information Management Software

You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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