NetGovern Analyze

NetGovern Analyze lets organisations manage vast amounts of data. It creates a structured insight for unstructured data by analyzing and evaluating an organisation's data sources.

Organizations store an immense quantity of unstructured data. As time goes by, more and more data is created in all forms, and the ‘’keep everything forever” approach suddenly results in terabytes of data. When you consider that a single gigabyte of data can represent 64,000 pages of a Microsoft Word document, it can become increasingly harder and harder to keep track of what is stored where, and who has access to it.

NetGovern Analyze helps organizations manage large quantities of data with tools to measure, classify, and assess the content on their file servers. With NetGovern Analyze, sensitive documents can be quickly discovered and secured for compliance. An organization can also analyze its entire network to gain critical insights into whether their storage infrastructure is optimized or if it needs to be improved.

We put all important aspects of NetGovern Analyze into one comprehensive Datasheet. Download it now and learn more about File Inventory with NetGovern Analyze.

NetGovern Analyze
Information Management Software

You want to try NetGovern live? We have a system full of data, ready for you to perform eDiscovery, search for sensitive data, and archive email.

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